Top 5 Best Shoei Helmets For Sale in 2016. Detailed Reviews

Shoei helmets have become popular in the head gear industry because of their reputation in creating helmets out of high-end technology and designing them with maximum comfort and full protection in mind. Shoei helmets are the first ever manufactured helmets that are lightweight carbon fiber. They are also the first helmets to have coverless shield system and dual liner ventilation system that are essential and likable to users. The best Shoei helmets are sturdy and reliable when it comes to protecting the wearer from the hazardous factors and other fortuitous impacts. Although shoei helmets started with basic design and less concern on its style, they have eventually evolved and were patronized for their aesthetic appeal. They now come in different colors, patterns and designs from which riders will have a wide selection to choose from. Shoei helmets for sale also come with impressive warranty and reasonable affordability.

Shoei RF-1200 Helmet

RF-1200 Helmet

The Shoei RF-1200 is among the bestselling helmets from its line of premium head gears. Aside from its compact, lightweight and sleek design, it also features and aerodynamic shell and liner components that are especially designed to block unnecessary road noises from entering through the bottom of the helmet thus reducing wind noise without preventing informative sounds. Just like its predecessors, this helmet provides utmost ventilation performance. Its wind tunnels perfectly balance the flow of air and noise reduction. This helmet provides superior cool-air intake and hot-air ejection with the use of its four distinctively-positioned upper exhaust outlet vents, three upper air intake vents and a large three-position lower vent shutter.  It features a stable shield that provides a wide field of vision that also acts as protection from the harmful sun rays. Its shield system is among the most advanced because of its 3D injection-molding process, innovative anti-bending ribs on top and bottom edge and an improved locking mechanism for total ease. Its reliable base plate system, solid shell construction, maximum dry system interior and multi density liners, it is absolutely the ideal head gear for next level functionality.

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Shoei Neotec Modular Helmet

Neotec Modular Helmet

The Neotec Modular Helmet is considered to be one of the most innovative flip-up helmets. Just like the other helmet products from Shoei, the Neotec prides on better-quality shell aerodynamics, wind noise reduction, vast and lofty field of vision, internal sun shield and versatile replaceable liner system. The open-face configuration by the flip-up design of the helmet brings convenience and flexibility to users. Even with gloves on, the helmet is easy to handle because of the enlarged release button. One of its best features is the lightweight chin bar and face shield that rotates smoothly and precisely on a single axis point. Truly, all the functional and great features of this Neotec Modular Helmet make it the perfect choice for the hybrid riders.

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Shoei Solid Qwest Street Motorcycle Helmet

Solid Qwest Street Motorcycle Helmet

The Qwest Street Motorcycle Helmet is the ultimate head gear for any road adventures. It has a lightweight shell that is sturdy and easily attracts and allocates the strength of an impact effectively and safely. This helmet’s base plate system includes an easy no-hassle locking mechanism and spring-loaded technology that effortlessly pulls the shield back but ensuring closure without letting wind and water to enter. The wide and tall shield also features a pinlock system and fog-free vision even in the toughest weather situations. The reputable and tested features such as objective and lightweight fit, superior ventilation performance, incomparable lasting comfort and innovative noise-reduction technology are strong points that make this motorcycle helmet become one of the finest riding helmets in the history.

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Shoei GT-AIR Journey Helmet

GT-AIR Journey Helmet

The GT-Air Journey Helmet is suitable for every riding experience and is most dependable during tough times because of its features and functionalities that easily adapts to the ever-changing demands of the riding environment. The helmet’s shell comes in three remarkable shell sizes that are a blend of fiberglass and organic fibers to make sure that it is hard-wearing and lightweight for a better and comfortable fit between the different sizes. And not only that, it also comes with a high-tech shell-integrated spoiler that aids in providing a stable and less draining ride. The interior sun shield is another state-of-the-art feature of the GT-AIR helmet which provides the rider an immediate relief from the sun glare by one easy and quick action. The advanced interior system of this helmet features three dimensionally shaped center pads for an incredibly comfortable fit; 3D-shaped cheek pads in various thicknesses for customizable fit and notable maximum dry liner materials that efficiently absorbs and dissolve moisture and sweat faster. Other outstanding features that make this helmet a top-of the line are the easily adjustable and better performance ventilation system, improved aerodynamics and reliable Pinlock Anti-Fog system that ensures optimum comfort and maximum protection.

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Shoei RF-1100 Helmet

RF-1100 Helmet

The 50 years of full experience and ever-progressive standing of Shoei to create the best helmet for the sport has resulted into a head gear that claims to be unrivaled when it comes to fundamental features. The RF-1100 is a perfect result of authentic comfort and first-class performance that is made out of faultless combination of aggressive styling and unsurpassed attention to detail. The state-of-the-art technology and high-grade materials that made up the helmet’s convenient base plate system, reliable shield, top quality and designed shell construction, innovative shell-integrated spoiler, superior performance variable ventilation system, advanced noise-reduction technology and flexible interior system are well tested and impressive. The fine materials create a great balance of fit and feel. In addition, the RF-1100 comes with a chin curtain and breath guard that can be easily installed. The unyielding chin guard efficiently reduces wind noise and turbulence. The functional breath guard does the right job in reducing fogs to get in the way by distracting the exhausted breath into the bottom of the helmet and out. The viewport is not only wide and tall but is also extremely clear. The RF-1100 is definitely better and more functional than its forerunners and truly deserves its spot in the bestseller.

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