Protect Your Skin With The Best Motorcycle Pants

Whenever you are riding your motorcycle, it is always a good idea to wear motorcycle pants instead of jeans or other pants, because they are designed specifically for motorcycle riders, in case you are ever involved in a crash. The pants are designed to protect your skin, and can be the difference between a few bruises and skin that is scraped beyond recognition. Jeans and other non motorcycle pants are not designed with riders in mind, and will not protect your skin if you are ever in a crash. We have checked out a lot of motorcycle pants reviews, and have come up with a list of the best motorcycle pants in 2016, and have listed them below.

#5 Joe Rocket Phoenix 3.0

joe rocket phoenix

Joe Rocket Phoenix 3.0 are made from FreeAir poly mesh shell, with height adjustable knee protectors, and RockTex Seat reinforcements. It is designed to give you maximum comfort and protection while riding, it comes with a removable hip padding, two external pockets, the lower leg has melt resistant material, and it has a zipper for jacket attachment. It has a fashionable design, so you don’t have to worry about how you look while wearing it.

#4 Men’s Jean Style 5 Pocket


These are black leather pants that have five pockets, so you have enough room for your keys, wallet and a few other things; it has a nylon cloth lining that provides comfort. It is advisable to buy a pair that is a couple of sizes bigger than your size, because they are supposed to be worn over jeans, to give you added safety when you are riding, and the length is very long, so you can cut the hem to your preferred length without worrying about ruining the product.

#3 Men’s Leather Pants with Side Laces

mens leaher

These also come with five pockets, but have laces on the side for men looking for leather pants that have a different look than the traditional pants, it also has a thin nylon lining inside for extra comfort, and should be worn over jeans. They also require you to buy a pair a couple of sizes bigger than you normally wear so it doesn’t feel too tight when you wear them over your jeans. They are great for people who like to ride in their jeans, and provide extra protection when you ride. Even though the pants are made with premium leather, they are reasonably priced when compared to other leather pants.

#2 Fieldsheer Mercury 2.0

mercury 2.0

Fieldsheer Mercury 2.0 are designed to protect your knees and legs when you ride, they have a 600D carbolex shell, and 1680D ballistic overlay protection in areas that are considered high impact. The knees have armor protection, and there is a removable foam at the hips, and vents to give you some air. These pants are waterproof, and have two side leg zippers that make them easy to wear and remove, and they are great even in cold conditions.

#1 Fly Racing Kinetic

the best choice

These are the best motorcycle pants of 2016 that provide you with more protection than most of the products available, and they are made from high grade materials that can withstand almost any condition. It has leather panels in both knees that help to protect you from scraping your knees in an accident, and also protects your knees from heat from the bike’s exhaust. These pants are a must have for people who like to go a little fast, or race competitively.

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