5 Best Motorcycle Gloves

It is not a secret, that many riders do not pay attention to the gloves, however, the truth is that motorcycle gloves provide a protection and warmth to your hands. Without gloves you may get a serious injury if you ever fall down. In this post we decided to write a review of the best motorcycle gloves of 2016 and the comparison table below will help you choose the best product.

#5 Joe Rocket GPX 2.0

Joe Rocket GPX

Joe Rocket GPX 2.0 motorcycle gloves are made from the most advanced materials and offer superb protection for your hands. This model would have a higher place in our rating, however, the weight of these gloves is 5 pounds and this is a little bit too heavy.

#4 Icon Twenty-Niner

twenty niner

This product combines amazing style, performance and good protection. Made from goatskin leather, the gloves also have a hi-flow mesh to keep your hands cool even when the temperature outside is very high. For an average rider, this would be a perfect choice, however if you are a pro or if you like dangerous riding, I would recommend to choose gloves with better protection. Also, the slitching could be better.

#3 Milwaukee Clothing Company


These gloves are made from soft leather and feature a velcro wrist closure and are great for summer rides and your hands will never feel warm, however, if you plan to wear them in cold season, your hands may feel cold. Lightweight, reliable and well vented… these are just a few positive sides of the product. Overall, this motorcycle gloves are very good and you will not regret if you order them.

#2 Spidi Carbo Track Men’s Leather

spidi carbo

It is not a secret, that Spidi produces top notch motorcycle products and these motorcycle gloves are literally a piece of art. The product features A++ protection and uses advanced materials such as Carbon. The inner side of the gloves is made from Suprotech material that is the best shock absorber on the market nowadays. If you are looking for the best protection for serious rids, this five star product is definitely what you need.

#1 Icon Pursuit Stealth

the best choice

For an average rider, Icon Pursuit Stealth are the best motorcycle gloves of 2016. Plastic knuckle armor is not as good as carbon armor, however your hands will be safe and you will not get injuries if you go down. The gloves offer amazing flexibility and allow you to easily manipulate bike controls without blocking your moves. Overall, these are the best gloves for the price and they deserve to hold #1 place in our rating. However, if you plan to participate in races or like fast and dangerous riding, check out #2 product because it features carbon armor.

We hope our motorcycle gloves reviews and comparison table will help you determine which product to choose. If you are planning to buy a new motorcycle jacket, boots or a helmet read our reviews before buying!

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