The Best Motorcycle Backpacks For Extra Storage Space and Protection

If you are planning to take a trip on your motorcycle, and need some extra storage space, it is ideal to have a backpack. Backpacks can not only be used for storage, they are also used as protection for bike riders. Other body parts are protected by equipment like helmets, and pads, but your back doesn’t have as much protection, which is why backpacks come in handy. A backpack can be mounted on the back of the motorcycle, or strapped to the rider, providing them with support while they ride. We have looked at a lot of motorcycle backpack reviews to come up with a list of the best motorcycle backpacks of 2016, which is listed below.

Ogio No Drag Mach 5
Icon Squad 3
Alpinestars Roving with Rain cover
DryCase Waterproof Backpack Basin
Kappa Moto TKW745
Weight:3.7 lbs2.6 lbs1.6 lbs2.2 lbsn/a

#5 Kappa Moto TKW745 30

Kappa Moto TKW745

Kappa Moto TKW745 30 is made from heavy duty PVC material, and has a 30 liter volume. The stylish backpack is lightweight and waterproof, and comes with built in shoulder straps, and has a back support that is padded and removable. This is a reasonably priced backpack that is both comfortable and durable, that can be used in any weather.

#4 DryCase Waterproof Backpack Basin

DryCase Waterproof

This is a very good backpack to take on any trip; the main compartment is waterproof, with a side bottle holder, and a small mesh compartment, where you can keep your wet items. The backpack can take up to 20 liters, and comes with bungee cords, to strap your content down. The backpack has a two way valve for inflation and deflation, which makes it easier to fit on your bike, and well padded shoulder and waist straps, to provide comfort. It is a little more expensive than some of the other backpacks, but is worth the price.

#3 Alpinestars Roving with Rain cover

Alpinestars Roving

This is a sports styled backpack that is coated with PU to give it extra strength and durability. It has an 18 liter capacity, with a laptop sleeve to protect your laptop while riding. It also has a built in helmet and jacket carrier, with a well padded back to give you maximum comfort while riding, and adjustable shoulder straps, with a removable waist belt adjuster. The Alpinestars backpack comes with a rain cover to keep all your personal belongings dry, and is one of the best backpacks a biker can own.

#2 Icon Squad 3

Icon Squad 3

This is a great product for light travelling; it has a unique chest strapping system that secures your backpack firmly, and a loading strap for your helmet and jacket. It has a lot of compartments for you to store things you don’t want to put with the rest of your stuff, the backpack also has a durable anti rip nylon construction, with an exterior tie down system, and has a 360 reflective material in case you find yourself riding in the dark. This is one of the best backpacks you can buy, and it is built to military specifications, however, it only comes in one color.

#1 Ogio No Drag Mach 5

the best product

Ogio No Drag Match 5 is designed to reduce dragging while you ride, with its aerodynamically molded design. It is weather resistant, and has compartments for laptops, tablets, and smartphones, keeping your electronics safe and secure while riding. It has straps for your helmet and jacket, with a removable hip belt, and has an off center attachment to prevent scratching your gas tank. It is a little more expensive than the other backpacks, but it is worth every penny because it is the best motorcycle backpack of 2016.

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