The Best Garmin Motorcycle GPS in 2016

Every biker who likes traveling and wants to go abroad should have a GPS, however, the problem is, that car GPS units and motorcycle GPS units are completely different and you must consider many different factors such as anti-glare, waterproofing and many others when choosing the best motorcycle GPS. We have gone through many motorcycle gps reviews and created the comparison chart that you can find below. This chart will help you find the best product that will meet all your requirements.

Garmin Zumo 665LM
Garmin Nüvi 2577LT
Garmin Zumo 590LM
Garmin Zumo 390LM
Garmin Zumo 550
Screen:4.3 inches5 inches5 inches4.3 inches3.5 inches
Resolution:480 x 272 pixels 480 x 272 pixels 800 x 480 pixels 480 x 272 pixels320 x 240 pixels
Weight9.5 ounces6.6 ounces13.2 ounces9.5 ounces10.6 ounces
Battery life:up to 3 hoursup to 2.5 hours up to 4 hoursup to 7 hours up to 4 hours
UV resistant & Sunlight Readableyesyesyesyesyes
XM weather supportyesnoyesnoyes
XM Satellite Radio supportyesnoyesnoyes
Glove-friendly touch screenyesyesyesyesyes

#5 Garmin Zumo 550

the best product

This 3.5 Inch device is one of he best motorcycle gps of 2016. Although the display is smaller than other products on the list, it is not a problem since the product has everything you need for a good ride. Zumo 550 offers preloaded maps of all north America and you can easily download more locations. The screen is visible under all sunny conditions, is 100% waterproof and glove-friendly. The product features weather radar ust like Zumo 590LM and Zumo390LM. If you are looking for compact and reliable gps and do not want to pay too much money, this would be a good choice for you.

#4 Garmin Zumo 390LM


This product features a 4.3-Inch rugged anti-glare display with glove-friendly interface. Unlike many other competitors, this model offers TPMS (tire pressure monitor system) that can be very useful in some cases. Unlike Zumo 590LM, the battery life of this particular model is 7 hours that is more than enough for most riders. On the downside, sunlight readable is a big issue for most riders who bought the gps.

#3 Garmin 010-01232-01 Zumo 590LM

Zumo 590LM

Garmin Zumo 590LM features a 5” touch screen display. The display is resistant to water and UV rays and the battery life of this gps is 4 hours. Garmin Zumo 590LM also features a weather radar that can tell you what weather to expect ahead. This function is simply irreplaceable and can help you avoid riding in stormy weather. However, the gps is a little bit overpriced and offers the same functions as other products in our list that are much cheaper.

#2 Garmin Nüvi 2577LT


This motorcycle gps is cheaper than all 3 models mentioned above, however it features almost all features that other GPS units do. The display is sunlight-readable, and while other Garmin models from the list are not visible under some sunny conditions, this model is visible under all sunny conditions. If the battery life was at least 3 Hours, the product would have a higher placement in our rating.

#1 Garmin Zumo 665LM

Zumo Lm

This is one of the most expensive products on the list that features a weather radar, mp3 player and 4.3 Inch rugged, waterproof, sunlight- readable display. Although the product does not feature a huge 5” display as Zumo590LM has, the battery life of the model is only 3 Hours. Also, although the company states that the screen is sunlight-readable, it is not true. Sometimes it is too dark and not visible outdoors. But overall, this product deserves to be in the rating of the best products available this year.

We hope our garmin motorcycle gps navigator reviews will help you determine which device to buy. If you need more equipment for your bike, feel free to visit our reviews category for more information.

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