Safety Gear

The Best Dirt Bike Jerseys for a Feel Good and Ride Good Momentum


Over the years, the use of dirt bike jersey is no longer for the concern of safety, shade and comfort. It has evolved to fashion and style. Jerseys and any other gears provide comfort, convenient and protection to riders especially in times of temperature takeover and random mishaps. Jerseys prevents the risks of wounds, scratches, bruises and burns in areas ...

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Protect Your Skin With The Best Motorcycle Pants


Whenever you are riding your motorcycle, it is always a good idea to wear motorcycle pants instead of jeans or other pants, because they are designed specifically for motorcycle riders, in case you are ever involved in a crash. The pants are designed to protect your skin, and can be the difference between a few bruises and skin that is ...

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5 Best Motorcycle Gloves


It is not a secret, that many riders do not pay attention to the gloves, however, the truth is that motorcycle gloves provide a protection and warmth to your hands. Without gloves you may get a serious injury if you ever fall down. In this post we decided to write a review of the best motorcycle gloves of 2016 and ...

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Protect Your Feet With The Best Motorcycle Boots


One of the most important things in every riders’ personal protective equipment is motorcycle boots. This is not a secret, that feet is one of the most important body part when you are on a ride and that is why it is very important to choose the best motorcycle boots that will provide you with comfort and safety. We have ...

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Choosing The Best Leather Motorcycle Jacket in 2016


One of the most important parts of riders gear is a motorcycle jacket that protects you every time you go down. That is why it is very important to choose the right product that will protect you from injuries. We have reviewed hundreds of jackets and below you will find our list of top 5 best motorcycle jackets of 2016 ...

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