3 Best ATV For Kids in 2016

Before you purchase a bike for your kids, you need to do a research for bikes that come with great safety measures, affordability, and a perfect fit. The ATV for kids will put a smile on your kid’s face as they ride these high quality and inexpensive bikes.

ATV 125cc Fully Automatic with Reverse 1 Year Engine Warranty

ATV 125cc Fully Automatic with Reverse

This high quality ATV comes standard with an elegant electric ignition transmission, a magnificent chain drive style engine gear, and anterior hand brake, foot brakes at the rear, hydraulic disk tire front, speed limiter and a stylish engine kill switch.

Specific features

  • Twin brakes
  • Distinct shocks
  • Button start that is remote start and push
  • A remotely designed kill switch
  • 125cc fully automated engine function style

Its battery, charging plug and adapter are however cheap. The battery dies off if you put the headlights on a high beam, even after a charging it the whole night.

This model is however, fairly easy and straight forward to assemble. It is a 2 wheel drive ATV that is perfect for 14 year olds and has adequate legroom for even taller riders.

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Yamaha Raptor 700R Boys’ ATV 12-Volt Battery-Powered Ride-On

Yamaha Raptor 700R Boys' ATV 12-Volt

This ATV takes an average of 20 minutes to assemble. It has two forward speeds and reverse and a maximum speed of 5 mph. This two speeds and reverse proficiency enables a forward and backward drive. It drives on various surfaces.

It boasts original Raptor design and a strong steering wheel. It has the following features:

  • Raptor noise controls
  • Beautiful race graphics
  • Motion trend wheels that offers additional traction
  • Charger and 12-volt battery included. The battery should be recharged for 14 hours completely. When fully charged, the battery last between 1 to 3 hours when in continuous use.

This ATV takes off very fast and can be driven on snow. It is a great bike that is designed to give maximum adventure to the kids.

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FamilyGoKarts Boulder 400XR Kids ATV in Black Spider

FamilyGoKarts Boulder 400XR

This is a reliable air-conditioned, 4-stroke engine, single cylinder that is easy to maintain. It has an automatic transmission that is smooth and simple to handle. This bike is prepared for the roughest terrains because of its tough rugged frame and maximum suspension.

Other features include:

  • Max Torque(6.5N.m/5000-5500r/min)
  • 12V/4Ah battery
  • Anterior Hand Brake
  • Rear Foot Brake
  • Hydraulic Disc
  • 3 Liters fuel capacity

This ATV model lacks a reverse gear. It is however furnished with various safety features, a remote control and a speed limiter. It also comes with an engine shut-off. These are designed to give parents control. Kids, who are just beginning to ride the Boulder 400XR, will find its low inch seat height and steady wheelbase the ideal size.

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Kids ATV Electric Youth Quad Sport for Children with Reverse- Green

atv for kids

The ATV Electric Youth Quad Sport with reverse is a multi -terrain, all-electric quad that lets the kids enjoy a ride where the other quads cannot go. This ATV sports comes standard with a chain drive, rough-road tires, a strong, hardy steel chassis, disk brakes, complete suspension and reverse.

This 4-wheeler Quad also possesses magnificent safety features such as a padded handlebar, firm platform footwells, LED headlights at the front, and a key-in switch that gives parents a choice between two different speed adjustments. High speed is about 10 mph subject to the rider’s weight and the type of terrain; Low speed is approximately 5mph.

It has two batteries of 12 volt each, which can be completely charged within 6 hours. Its 350 watt/24V motor can drive the ATV up to 10mph.You can fully charge it in 6 hours and it will give you a run time of 2 hours.


  • 40x25x27 inches
  • Seat height -19 inches
  • Wheelbase -30 inches
  • Frame is made of durable steel
  • Motor 350 watts

It has maximum load capacity of 165 lbs., and a maximum speed of 10mph.It is made of a durable steel frame and has an acrylic deck.

These high-rate ATV for kids offer values for money and allow your kids to have the best adventure they can ever have.

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