Protect Your Head With The Best Helmets of 2016

Helmet is the most important thing for a rider. Only helmet can protect your head and save your life in case of an accident. Nowadays, there are so many helmet types and styles that it is very difficult to make a decision and choose the best one. We have reviewed hundreds of products and below you will find the list of top 5 best motorcycle helmets that will help you determine which one to choose in 2016.

1 place
2 place
GMax GM54S
3 place
4 place
Shoei Solid Neotec
5 place
Weight:5 lbs5.6 lbs5 lbs5.8 lbs4 lbs
Liner:Removable, washable, replaceableRemovable, washable, replaceableRemovable, washable, replaceableRemovable, washable, replaceableRemovable, washable, replaceable
Ventilation:3 intake and 6 exhaust ventsAdjustable dual exhaust venting system top, side, chin and rear ventingScoop top intake vent combined with rear exit vents3 position upper vent and upper exhaust outlet ventsACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation System
Road noice:lowlowlowmoderatemoderate

#5 HJC IS-33


This is one of the most popular HJC products that has received many positive ratings and is considered one of the best helmets of 2015. The shell is made from advanced polycarbonate and that is why the helmet does not weight too much. The weight of the helmet is 8lbs and it also has special SunShield visor system that offers 95% UV protection. HJC IS-33 could have a higher placement in our rating, however, riders who wear glasses may have problems with the helmet because it lacks an indention in the pads for wearing the glasses.

#4 Shoei Colid Neotec


This is one of the most popular modular models on the market nowadays. Produced by a very trusted brand Shoei, the helmet is very solid and reliable. Unlike HJC IS-33, Shoei Colid Neotec is very light and weights only 6 lbs. The aerodynamics is amazing and the amount of wind noise is significantly reduced comparing to the previous model. The only disadvantage of the product is the price. However, it is totally worth it.

#3 HJC CL-16


This is another HJC product in our rating that provides 95% UV protection and features advanced channeling ventilation system. Although the company says that the sound isolation is very good, in fact the wind noise is terrible! HJC CL-16 also lacks a chin curtain and breath box. If CL-16 had these features it could receive a higher rating, however, there are many competitors that come with these features and are much cheaper. Overall, it is a very good product for the price.

#2 GMax GM54S


This is the lightest products in our list that weights only 5.5 lbs. No Bull Venting Design provides amazing ventilation and, what is very important; all the vents can be easily closed. GMax GM54s features internal sun visor is much better than in most other helmets on the market and there is an indention in the pads for glasses, so riders who wear glasses will never have problems with it. Overall, the helmet has everything you need and has the same features as helmets that cost twice as much.

#1 SHOEI RF-1100

shoei best

This is the best motorcycle helmet of 2016 that has received so many positive reviews. It combines low noise, superb protection and Snell 2010 safety ratings. Unlike all other helmets in the list, RF-1100 features adjustable vents that make the ventilation system better than ever. The helmet has excellent ear pockets and you will never suffer from ear pressure or pain. Overall, after reviewing this motorcycle helmet, we have zero complains about it. So, if you are looking for the best motorcycle helmet, Shoei RF-1100 will make riding a pleasure.

We hope these motorcycle helmet reviews will help you determine which helmet to pick out. If you are looking for motorcycle boots or a leather jacket, you will find more comparison charts on our website so keep on reading!

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